Fee schedule No 4 – Other fees related to the service of vessels and others

1. Port services with harbour cranes

Unilateral operation lowering or raisingOne-time fee
Vessels weighing up to 10T250 PLN
Vessels weighing more than 10T550 PLN

2. Entry to the port area of companies providing external services such as: crane, mechanic etc.

serviceOne-time fee
Entry to the port area50 PLN
Utilities (electricity, gas)according to the price list

3. Port calls of the renovated vessel on the workshop site

serviceFee per night
Port call on the workshop yard65 PLN
Use of the sub-base (set)25 PLN

4. Port services with transport vehicles – HYDROMAT

serviceOne-time fee
Transportation and putting the vessel
on the user’s supports/sledges/carts
50 PLN
Transport and putting of the vessel
on ZPM Mrzeżyno supports
80 PLN + the cost of using the bases

5. Fees for slipping of vessels

slippingOne-time fee
jet ski10 PLN
Motor yachts / yachts20 PLN

6. Connecting to the utilities

Connecting to electricity consumption – 1 DAY10 PLN
Connecting to electricity consumption – 1 MONTH180 PLN
Connecting for one-time water supply – up to 150L5 PLN
Connecting for water supply – 1 MONTH80 PLN

7. Additional services

Port workers’ services (assistance, minor repairs)
for each hour started
od 50 PLN*
Forklift truck rental (only with operator)
for each hour started
130 PLN
Rental of security gates
(dimensions weight 2.5m x height 1,2m)
5 PLN szt./day
Placing of advertising in the port area
in designated areas
50 PLN m2/month
Placing of advertising in the port area
without the consent of the Mrzeżyno Seaport Authority
500 PLN m2
* – For specialist work, the price to be negotiated.