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Camery internetowe w porcie
Kamera on-line widok na basen postojowy - Zarząd Portu Morskiego Mrzeżyno - strona zewnętrzna
Kamera on-line widok na port z nabrzeża wyładunkowego - Zarząd Portu Morskiego Mrzeżyno - strona zewnętrzna
Kamera on-line widok na morze - Zarząd Portu Morskiego Mrzeżyno - strona zewnętrzna

Our port seen from a bird’s eye view

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Our port is a unique place for the lovers of sailing and motorboat sports. The modern and continuously developed port infrastructure provides comfort for its users.

The location of the port, which is situated in the charming village of Mrzeżyno, surrounded by unique NATURA 2000 areas, is also essential.


The port of Mrzeżyna has a centuries-old history of fishing. It is its indispensable element, which manifests itself all the way through the fishing vessels moored at the quays to the fish frying rooms and restaurants located in the port.

After the modernisation of the port, it has gained a comprehensive and extensive infrastructure, dedicated to fishing. It is one of the most modern places of its kind on the southern Baltic coast.


The port in Mrzeżyna is located at the mouth of the Rega River. This is an interesting place in many respects.

Here you can eat delicious dishes in harbour restaurants and frying rooms, or have a coffee and a delicious dessert in one of the cafés, or buy fish straight from the fisherman.

Cruise ships, as well as motorboats offering unforgettable moments, are sailing from the port out to sea.

There are many events organised here, which are the flagship events on the seasonal event map of the municipality.