Harbour dues No 2 – recreational and sports vessels

Unit length in metersDayMonthlow season
For the period XI – IV
do 5,5 m25 PLN350 PLN1050 PLN
5,5 – 8 m30 PLN400 PLN1200 PLN
8 – 10 m40 PLN450 PLN1400 PLN
10 – 13 m50 PLN600 PLN2000 PLN
13 – 15 m60 PLN750 PLN2700 PLN
15 – 20 m70 PLN900 PLN3000 PLN
Powyżej 20 m80 PLN950 PLN3500 PLN
  1. He above table shows marina fees for single-hull vessels.
  2. Harbour fees for multi-hull vessels shall be 150% of the fee for single-hull vessels.
  3. The marina fee does not include toilet and shower charges.
  4. The marina fee does not include access to utilities.


  1. Tenants whose vessels are entered in the Mrzeżyno registration document as their home port are entitled to a 10% discount for the laytime of those vessels in the harbour wet dock and in the dry dock in accordance with the applicable price list. In the case of an annexe to the agreement, the discount shall be calculated for each month following the month in which the documents entitling to it were presented.*
  2. Owners of vessels stationed in the Seaport Port of Mrzeżyno whose number of vessels exceeds 5 are entitled to an additional 10% discount for the services listed in point 1. The discount does not apply to clubs, associations etc.*
  3. In the case of year-round stationing of a vessel in the area of Mrzeżyno Sea Port, an additional discount of 5% is applicable to the services listed in point 1, in case of paying the fee for 12 months in advance.*
  4. The discounts mentioned above are calculated in a degressive way.

* not applicable to fishing vessels